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Manufacturers of Duro-Tuff Custom Window Well Covers    

"The Last Cover You'll Ever Have To Buy!"

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  Colorado Cover Company manufactures and installs Duro-tuffcovers.

Only Duro-Tuff� covers provide the following benefits:

bulletLifetime Warranty (against breakage)
bulletSupports 450 Pounds
bulletCovers To Fit Almost Any Size Or Style Well
bulletCustom Trimmed On Site
bulletColorado Owned and Operated

As well as these important features:

bulletProtects Pets and Children
bulletSaves Energy
bulletMaintenance Free
bulletKeeps Wildlife Out
bulletKeeps Wells Clean And Dry
bulletKeeps out Rain, Snow, Leaves, Wildlife and Debris
bulletUV Protected - Will Not Deteriorate
bulletProtects Against Well Flooding (Caused By Clogged Gutters)
bulletLightweight - Large Cover Only Weighs 15 Pounds, Yet Supports 450 Pounds
bulletTranslucent Cover, Allows Light At The Same Rate As A Double Pane Window
bulletEgress Safe - All Cover Attachments Are Removable From The Inside Going Out
bulletPrevents Intruder Access*

*with optional security feature

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